Advantages of Doing Aqua Yoga

Yoga is about relaxing, stretching, and being at one with your body. However, it can be hard to practice when the joints and muscles are struggling to hold the poses for several minutes. If you have weak joints, then you should try practicing aqua yoga. You might be surprised of what you are capable of doing while you are in the pool. Below are some of the reasons why you should add water to your yoga practice.

Improve Balance

Practicing the eagle pose, half-moon pose, or any other balancing poses can be frustrating when you feel like you could topple at any moment during the yoga session. But when you perform the poses in water, they become easier. This can help boost your confidence and make you want to recreate the pose on land. Aqua yoga is also perfect when you want to try inversions as long as you hold your breath for several seconds.

Keep Focus on Alignment

You become weightless while in the water, which allows you to be more aware of your alignment and form. You will be able to hold yourself up longer in water than on land, which can help you perfect the different poses and focus on their various elements such as extension of the arms, core engagement, and hip alignment.

Find Inner Peace

Going underwater is the best way to clear the mind, and meditate even for just a couple of seconds until you need to breathe in air again. All you need to do is to take a big breath and let yourself submerge underwater while in a half lotus pose. It is important that you stay calm, and breathe slowly. Don’t force yourself to stay underwater when it is already uncomfortable.

Challenge Yourself through Aqua Yoga

While aqua yoga makes it easier to do some of the poses, it can make it harder to do others. When doing side plank, pyramid or triangle on solid ground, gravity assists you in performing the poses. However, doing them even in shallow water is difficult. You will have a hard time staying in the poses. Doing them in water will make you engage your core more as you use your hands to tread water.

Pain Treatment

Just like any other water exercise, aqua yoga is gentle on the body. It is a low impact activity that is best alternative to other types of activities that place a lot of stress on the joints and muscles. There’s no need to hold your body weight when doing some poses, which can provide relief if you are recovering from injury or pain.

Aqua yoga is a fun and gentle form of yoga that everyone can enjoy. The pool is the ideal environment to relieve stiffness and pain. When you are in the water, you are free to move. And at the same time, water acts as resistance that can strengthen your muscles. It is ideal for older adults, athletes, and people with balance issues.

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